Love a list…

List 10 thing you love right now. Mine are…

  1. My kids always and every day.
  2. My gorgeous home even though it is a rental, I just love it and want to stay forever!
  3. My fabulous new career, who wouldn’t want to help other people?
  4. My new websites- Yes not one but two!
  5. My Friends who are always there to support me with my next crazy idea.
  6. My old car, which just keeps on going.
  7. Books but really wish I had more time to read …..
  8. One Note App – a revelation for all my interests – how did I exist without it???
  9. My social diary – forever full but love it.
  10. The gorgeous ring I received on my birthday from my children and their partners. Love it love it love it

Over to you……………..

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