Love a list…

List your goals and dreams for the year. Mine are…

  1. Attend a Yoga Retreat
  2. Enjoy a week in a warm climate spending the time writing and reading –  sheer bliss!
  3. Attend a Grief Recovery Course and qualify as a specialist
  4. Take up Tennis, have one to one lessons and join a club
  5. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle balance (losing some weight wouldn’t go a miss!)
  6. Continue to focus on finding interesting features for my blog
  7. Research investment opportunities for my future financial independence
  8. Start a divorce support meet up group in Tunbridge Wells
  9. Hold life coaching talks and workshops to women’s groups such as WI
  10. Plan a trip of a lifetime to include visiting my girlfriends in Australia

etc ……  get the picture?  Now its your turn.

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